Programmatic Accrditation: Diploma in Business Management Offered by Continuous Learning College (CLC)

1. To broaden knowledge of business and management subjects.
2. To improve their industry knowledge and understanding of business fundamentals to further their professional development.
3. To use business and management subjects in their workplace and get more new opportunities.

Learning Objectives
1. To generate an awareness of the issues of doing business internationally and of competing in a global economy.
2. To foster teamwork and leadership in the business environment.
3. To develop and enhance business and organizational skills that is applicable to a wide range of organizations.
4. To present and enhance skills in the use of information technologies to assist in the management of organizations.
5. To enhance the business communication skills of the participants.

Diploma in business Management Courses
1. Marketing Management - Understanding marketing concepts, customer behavior, and market research
2. Human Resources Management - Understanding HR planning, talent acquisition, performance management, and employee relations
3. Principle of Management - Understanding management theories, decision making, and planning
4. Financial Management - Understanding financial statements, accounting principles, and financial analysis
5. Digital Marketing - provide students with sufficient background that will allow them to pursue their careers in the Digital Marketing area

Course Highlights
Lectures and seminars: 20 hours for 12 weeks
Self-study: 10 hours per week
Credits: 20 per course
Required reading: Text book of each subject
Assignments: group presentation, class discussion, industrial visit report
Assessment Methods: Grading scale based on including in group presentation, and industrial visit report

1. Faculty and Academic Advisors: Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members and academic advisors who guide and support students throughout their MBA journey.
2. Library and Online Databases: Access to a well-equipped library with a wide range of business-related books, journals, and online databases to stay updated with the lecture and information.
3. Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts, alumni, and faculty members on various business topics, leadership, and career development.
4. Technology and Learning Management Systems: Access to technology resources, online platforms, and Learning Management Systems (LMS) to facilitate course delivery, assignments, and communication between faculty and students.
5. Financial Aid and Scholarships: Information and support regarding financial aid options, and scholarships for the program.