CSR Training Institute Receives QAHE Accreditation

Apr 09, 2024

QAHE (International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education) is pleased to announce the accreditation of the CSR Training Institute. This prestigious accreditation recognizes the institute's commitment to delivering exceptional educational services and promoting long-term value and sustainability.

The CSR Training Institute is a private and mission-driven organization dedicated to developing innovative approaches that align business interests with societal impact. They provide consulting, communication, and advisory services to businesses, governments, NGOs, and international organizations. Additionally, they share knowledge and information through writings, lectures, and keynote presentations, as well as develop and deliver training programs and events that inspire and transform individuals and organizations.

The accreditation by QAHE signifies that the CSR Training Institute has met rigorous quality standards in its educational offerings. It showcases the institute's dedication to providing outstanding education that meets international benchmarks. The accreditation process involves a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects, including curriculum design, faculty qualifications, student support services, infrastructure, and overall academic environment. The CSR Training Institute has demonstrated its ability to consistently maintain the highest standards of educational excellence.

Founded in 2012, the CSR Training Institute has trained over a thousand individuals, ranging from students and field staff to CEOs and Cabinet Ministers. Their training programs have attracted participants from 43 different countries and 127 organizations. As part of their commitment to inclusivity, they have provided over 70 bursaries worth over $75,000 to support attendance from NGOs and community leaders. Professor Dunn, their esteemed founder, has delivered keynote lectures for more than 50 events in 19 countries.

With this accreditation, the CSR Training Institute joins the distinguished list of QAHE-accredited institutions, further establishing its reputation as a provider of high-quality education. Students and professionals can have confidence in the institute's programs, knowing that they meet international standards of excellence.

QAHE is proud to support the CSR Training Institute in their mission to transform organizations and inspire positive change. Through their accredited educational programs, the CSR Training Institute will continue to make a significant societal impact and contribute to the development of sustainable business practices.