Credential Evaluation with Document Evaluation


The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce its partnership with Document Evaluation, a leading provider of credential evaluation services in the United States. Document Evaluation is a leading credential evaluation service provider in the USA, offering a range of services to help international students and professionals navigate the process of getting their international credentials recognized in the United States. As a special benefit for graduates and students of QAHE-accredited institutions, Document Evaluation is pleased to offer a 10% discount on our Course-by-Course Credential Evaluation Reports. This discount recognizes the high-quality standards upheld by QAHE. If you have earned your qualifications from a QAHE-approved institutions, you can take advantage of this exclusive offer and secure your Course-by-course credential evaluation at a reduced cost. Please bear in mind that you have to apply through us to get this discount. Simply provide proof of your QAHE-accredited status when you submit your documents to Document Evaluation, and we will apply the 10% discount to your order.

Document Evaluation's Course-by-Course Evaluation Services:

  • 1. Detailed analysis of your foreign transcripts and degree certificates
  • 2. Determination of U.S. semester credit hour equivalency
  • 3. Grade point average (GPA) calculation according to U.S. grading scales
  • 4. Identification of specializations, majors, and minors
  • 5. Alignment of your credentials with QAHE quality assurance standards
  • 6. Comprehensive evaluation report recognized by institutions and organizations worldwide

Required Documents:

  • - Transcripts and degree certificates for all completed degrees
  • - Certificates of Secondary and Higher Secondary School (High School as per the American education system)
  Note: All documentation must be provided in English. If any documents are in a different language, you can utilize our translation services or translate them yourself prior to submission.

Course by Course Evaluation Report

Experience the power of precision with Document Evaluation's Course-by-Course Evaluation services. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your international academic credentials.

Important Note: While this partnership facilitates access to these evaluation services, it does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of acceptance by QAHE. The decision to utilize Document Evaluation's services lies solely with the individual, as the final recognition of foreign credentials is determined by the receiving institutions or organizations.