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QAHE’s Article on Enhancing Educational Excellence Published on Stanford University’s Website

We are thrilled to announce that an article highlighting the importance of enhancing educational excellence through accreditation services provided by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) has been published on Stanford University’s official website.

The article, titled “Enhance Educational Excellence: Partner with QAHE for Accreditation Services,” delves into the significance of academic accreditation in today’s competitive educational landscape. It emphasizes the role of accreditation in showcasing an institution’s commitment to providing exceptional education and training opportunities, as well as its impact on reputation, student recruitment, credit transfers, and funding opportunities.

QAHE’s accreditation services are showcased in the article, highlighting the organization’s expertise, comprehensive evaluation process, tailored solutions, and international recognition. It also provides insights into QAHE’s accreditation process, which includes an initial consultation, self-assessment via an online accreditation application, accreditation decision, and continuous improvement support.

By partnering with QAHE for accreditation, educational institutions and training organizations gain access to a global network of accredited institutions, fostering collaborations, sharing best practices, and promoting continuous improvement.

The publication of this article on Stanford University’s website solidifies QAHE’s recognition as a trusted authority in the field of accreditation services. Stanford University, renowned for its academic excellence and innovation, serves as a platform to disseminate valuable insights and knowledge to a wide audience.

To read the full article, please visit here.

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International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education Featured in Hindustan Times

QAHE is pleased to announce that it has been featured in a brand story by Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper in India. The article titled “International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education Expands Accreditation Reach” highlights QAHE’s commitment to enhancing educational quality and standards in the Asian region.

The brand story in Hindustan Times acknowledges QAHE’s initial focus on private university accreditation and its expansion to encompass diverse educational entities in India. This expansion includes K-12 schools, educational centers, distance learning institutions, colleges, universities, and training companies. By extending its accreditation services across this spectrum, QAHE aims to fortify educational quality and standards throughout the varied and expansive Indian educational sector.

QAHE recognizes the critical need for stringent quality assurance measures in the diverse tapestry of Asian education. As educational institutions across the continent strive to meet global standards, challenges in maintaining consistency and excellence persist. QAHE’s accreditation services address these needs, offering a framework that fosters educational excellence and international recognition crucial for institutions navigating the complexities of the contemporary educational landscape.

The brand story also highlights QAHE’s dedicated focus on private institutions and training companies. QAHE specializes in the accreditation of private universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and training companies, aiming to elevate them to global standards of excellence. This focus underscores QAHE’s commitment to fostering diversity and innovation within the educational sector.

QAHE’s accreditation services are known for their comprehensiveness, covering a spectrum of dimensions crucial for educational excellence. The association’s rigorous evaluation process extends across academic programs, faculty, facilities, and overall educational quality. Accredited universities emerge not only to meet but exceed international benchmarks, positioning themselves as beacons of educational distinction.

With a geographic focus on Asia, QAHE places a strong emphasis on serving the region. From India and China to Myanmar and Southeast Asia, QAHE’s expanded accreditation services cover a diverse array of nations. This ensures that institutions across the continent have access to internationally recognized standards of excellence.

The brand story showcases various institutions in Asia that have gained accreditation from QAHE, symbolizing their commitment to educational excellence. Examples include the KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi (deemed-to-be university), Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, Ken Institute if Executive Learning, India, All India Board for Education & Training, Asian College of Teacher, IIBM Institute of Business Management, Myanmar Commercial University, SMEBi University, Central Asian University’s School of Dentistry, Islamic Azad University (UAE and Iran Branch), and more.

QAHE envisions a future where educational excellence knows no bounds. As this expanded journey of accreditation in Asia unfolds, the association remains dedicated to advancing the standards of global education and fostering a culture of continual improvement.

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Unlock Your Institution’s Potential: QAHE’s Accreditation Services for Educational Excellence Now Published on

International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking article, “Unlock Your Institution’s Potential: QAHE’s Accreditation Services for Educational Excellence,” has been published on Harvard University’s official website. The article can be accessed at link to the full article.

As a leading authority in higher education accreditation, QAHE has been at the forefront of ensuring educational excellence and quality assurance across institutions. This article presents an in-depth exploration of QAHE’s innovative accreditation services and highlights the transformative impact they can have on educational institutions.

The article delves into the comprehensive range of services offered by QAHE, including rigorous evaluation processes, expert consultations, and tailored recommendations. It emphasizes QAHE’s commitment to fostering continuous improvement and providing institutions with the tools and resources necessary to unlock their full potential.

In addition to showcasing QAHE’s accreditation services, the article also highlights successful case studies and testimonials from institutions that have undergone the accreditation process. These real-world examples demonstrate the tangible benefits and positive outcomes that institutions can experience through QAHE’s guidance and support.

The publication of this article on Harvard University’s website further solidifies QAHE’s position as a thought leader in the field of higher education accreditation. It provides an opportunity for a wider audience, including educators, administrators, policymakers, and researchers, to gain insights into QAHE’s innovative approaches and best practices.

QAHE invites all stakeholders in the education community to read the article and explore how QAHE’s accreditation services can help institutions unlock their potential and achieve educational excellence.

For more information about QAHE and its accreditation services, please visit

About QAHE:
International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is a leading organization dedicated to promoting educational excellence and quality assurance in higher education institutions. Through its rigorous accreditation services, QAHE supports institutions in achieving their goals and fulfilling their mission of providing high-quality education to students worldwide.

QAHE Facilitates Programmatic Accreditation Applications with Sample Self-Evaluation Report

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at further supporting institutions in their programmatic accreditation journey. In order to streamline the application process and provide comprehensive guidance to applicants, QAHE has developed a sample self-evaluation report.

Programmatic accreditation plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of educational programs. However, the accreditation process can often be complex and time-consuming, requiring institutions to provide detailed self-evaluation reports. Recognizing this challenge, QAHE has taken the initiative to create a sample self-evaluation report that serves as a valuable resource for institutions seeking programmatic accreditation.

The sample self-evaluation report serves as a comprehensive template that institutions can utilize as a guide while preparing their own self-evaluation reports. It provides a structured framework and highlights key areas of assessment, criteria, and evidence required for accreditation. By offering this sample report, QAHE aims to facilitate a smoother and more efficient accreditation process for institutions, enabling them to focus their efforts on the quality improvement of their programs.

“We are excited to introduce the sample self-evaluation report as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting institutions in their accreditation endeavors,” said Natasha, spokesperson for QAHE Accreditation Committee. “We understand the challenges faced by institutions during the accreditation process, and our goal is to provide them with valuable resources and guidance. The sample report will serve as a useful tool, enabling institutions to effectively showcase their adherence to quality standards and enhance their accreditation prospects.”

The sample self-evaluation report is now available for download on the QAHE official website. Institutions interested in programmatic accreditation are encouraged to utilize this resource to ensure a comprehensive and well-structured self-evaluation process.

QAHE remains dedicated to promoting excellence in education through rigorous accreditation standards and continuous support for institutions worldwide. The introduction of the sample self-evaluation report is a testament to QAHE’s commitment to facilitating programmatic accreditation and fostering quality improvement in educational programs.

For more information about QAHE and its accreditation services, please visit

Sample Self-Evaluation Program Report [Download]

Georgia Theological University Receives AQS ISO 29990 Certification with QAHE’s Assistance

Georgia Theological University (GTU), an accredited institution by QAHE, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the AQS ISO 29990 Certification for its Learning Services Management System (LSMS). This esteemed certification recognizes GTU’s commitment to providing exceptional educational services and adhering to international standards of quality.

The AQS ISO 29990 Certification validates GTU’s dedication to delivering high-quality learning experiences and ensuring student success. GTU’s LSMS has undergone a comprehensive assessment, confirming its conformity to the requirements outlined in ISO 29990:2010. This certification further strengthens GTU’s position as a reputable institution in the field of theological education.

The achievement of this certification would not have been possible without the valuable assistance and guidance provided by QAHE. As an internationally recognized accreditation agency, QAHE played a vital role in supporting GTU throughout the certification process. Their expertise and commitment to educational excellence have been instrumental in helping GTU meet the rigorous standards set by the AQS ISO 29990 Certification.

QAHE also commends Georgia Theological University for their dedication to excellence in education. By achieving the AQS ISO 29990 Certification, GTU has demonstrated its commitment to meeting international standards and providing students with a learning environment that fosters growth, innovation, and success.

The AQS ISO 29990 Certification will further enhance GTU’s reputation and attract students seeking a trusted institution that upholds high-quality educational standards. It solidifies GTU’s position as a leading theological university and reinforces its commitment to delivering outstanding learning experiences.

About QAHE:
International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is a renowned accreditation agency that assesses and recognizes institutions of higher education worldwide. With a commitment to promoting educational excellence, QAHE provides accreditation services to institutions across various disciplines, ensuring they meet rigorous quality standards. QAHE’s accreditation helps institutions gain recognition, credibility, and a competitive edge in the global education landscape.

Dr. Larm Tak Cheong Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree in Engineering and Management from AUBSS and QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that Dr. Larm Tak Cheong has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in Engineering and Management for his outstanding achievements and contributions in various fields. This prestigious recognition was jointly awarded by the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) and QAHE.

Dr. Larm Tak Cheong is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning diverse areas, including building management, property management, facilities management, security management, business management, and quality assurance in education. His expertise and accomplishments have earned him numerous accolades and honors throughout his illustrious career.

Accomplishments and Recognitions:
1. QAHE Honorary Academician Award: Dr. Larm has been awarded the prestigious QAHE Honorary Academician Award in recognition of his exceptional achievements and contributions in various fields.
2. QAHE Fellow Award: Dr. Larm has outstanding achievements in the field of education and quality assurance that earned him the esteemed title of Fellow of QAHE, granted by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education.
3. QAHE Certified Manager Award (Building Management): Dr. Larm’s exceptional abilities in overseeing and managing buildings have been recognized with the QAHE Certified Manager Award.
4. Honorary Fellowship in Business Management: Dr. Larm has received an Honorary Fellowship in Business Management from the International American University, acknowledging his noteworthy contributions and expertise in the field.
5. Honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree: Dr. Larm has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland, underscoring his exceptional endeavors and significant impact in the field of business administration.
6. Fellowships and Memberships: Dr. Larm is a Fellow of the Malaysian Institute of Management, The Institute of Administrative Management (UK), and The Institute of Managers & Leaders (Australia/New Zealand). He is also a member of various professional institutions, including The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Hong Kong Institution of Facilities Engineers (HKIFE), and Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE).
7. Estate Agent’s Individual License: Dr. Larm holds an Estate Agent’s Individual License issued by the Estate Agents Authority, Hong Kong.
8. Security Assistant Manager Registration: Dr. Larm is registered as a Security Assistant Manager under the Registered Security Manager Scheme of the International Certification Authority (ICA), Asia Pacific.
9. Facilities Assistant Manager Registration: Dr. Larm is also registered as Facilities Assistant Manager under the Registered Facilities Manager Scheme of the International Certification Authority (ICA), Asia Pacific.
10. Honorary Professorship Award: In recognition of his extensive expertise and valuable contributions in the field of quality assurance in education, Dr. Larm has been bestowed with an Honorary Professorship Award by QAHE.

Dr. Larm Tak Cheong’s remarkable achievements and recognition across multiple domains exemplify his outstanding professional journey and his significant impact in the areas of building management, property management, facilities management, security management, business management, and quality assurance in education. QAHE is honored to present him with the Honorary Academician Award and Honorary Doctorate degree in Engineering and Management, recognizing his exceptional contributions to these fields.

Stay Connected with QAHE on Instagram!

QAHE is pleased to announce the launch of our official Instagram account, [@qahe_association]. This exciting development allows us to connect with our stakeholders, including students, educators, and institutions, in a more interactive and engaging way.

As an internationally recognized accreditation body, QAHE is committed to promoting quality education and ensuring high standards in higher education institutions. With our newly created Instagram account, we aim to provide valuable information, news, updates, offers, and promotions related to QAHE and the field of higher education.

By following [@qahe_association] on Instagram, you will have access to a wide range of content, including:
1. Important Announcements: Stay informed about the latest updates and announcements from QAHE, such as new accreditation programs, policy changes, and upcoming events.
2. Educational Insights: Gain valuable insights into the field of higher education, including trends, best practices, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
3. Success Stories: Discover inspiring success stories of institutions and individuals who have achieved QAHE accreditation, showcasing their commitment to excellence in education.
4. Industry News: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the higher education industry, including global trends, research findings, and emerging technologies.
5. Offers and Promotions: Benefit from exclusive offers and promotions related to QAHE services, including discounts on accreditation fees, professional development opportunities, and more.

We encourage all stakeholders, including students, educators, institutions, and education enthusiasts, to follow [@qahe_association] on Instagram. Engage with us by liking, commenting, and sharing our posts to help spread the word about the importance of quality education and accreditation.

To follow QAHE on Instagram, simply visit [here] and click the “Follow” button. We look forward to connecting with you and keeping you informed about the latest happenings in the world of higher education.

Saint Nicholas School English Programme, Thailand, Receives Full Accreditation from QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that Saint Nicholas School English Programme (SNSEP) in Thailand has been granted full accreditation. This prestigious recognition signifies SNSEP’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality education.

Accreditation by QAHE serves as a testament to the exceptional educational practices and dedication to academic excellence demonstrated by SNSEP. The school’s English Programme has successfully met the rigorous evaluation criteria set forth by QAHE, ensuring that it provides a well-rounded and enriching learning environment for its students.

At SNSEP, the English Programme places a strong emphasis on moral principles, recognizing their vital role in shaping the character of young learners. By instilling these values from an early age, SNSEP aims to nurture students who not only excel academically but also possess a strong sense of integrity and compassion.

SNSEP-OIC, the English Programme division of Saint Nicholas School, is committed to fostering academic excellence. The program places great importance on the development of students’ intellectual potential and abilities, coupled with outstanding academic performance and grade point averages. SNSEP-OIC also actively cultivates local and international linkages to provide students with diverse opportunities for international experiences and professional development.

Collaborations with esteemed institutions such as the College of Arts and Media Technology, the College of Economics, the Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University, Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna Campus, and Saint Theresa College have greatly contributed to SNSEP-OIC’s instructional and research capabilities. Furthermore, SNSEP-OIC has established global connections with Saint Mary Private High School in the UAE, Notre Dame of Midsayap College in the Philippines, and Chungching University in China, further enriching the educational landscape for its students.

SNSEP-OIC is proud to have achieved full accreditation from QAHE, a recognition that validates its commitment to delivering exceptional education and preparing students for a successful future. The accreditation serves as a testament to the dedication of SNSEP’s faculty, staff, and administrators in providing a nurturing and academically rigorous environment.

For more information about Saint Nicholas School English Programme, please visit their official website at

About QAHE:
The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is a globally recognized organization dedicated to promoting and ensuring the highest standards of quality in education. Through rigorous evaluation processes, QAHE grants accreditation to educational institutions that demonstrate excellence in various areas, including curriculum, faculty qualifications, student support services, and educational outcomes.

International College for Teachers and Trainers Renews Accreditation with QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that the International College for Teachers and Trainers (ICTT) has successfully renewed its accreditation with QAHE. ICTT, a leading UK registered company, is renowned for offering top-quality teacher training programs across various fields.

Equipped with experienced teachers, ICTT provides internationally recognized certificates upon the successful completion of their online courses. The affordability of their programs has made them immensely popular among learners seeking professional development opportunities.

Whether individuals are interested in pursuing a Primary Teacher training program, Special Education Teacher training program, or any other field, they can easily accomplish their goals through ICTT. The International College for Teachers and Trainers is not only accredited by globally reputed educational institutes but is also registered in the UK. This accreditation validates the quality of the courses offered and the validity of the certificates awarded.

Moreover, ICTT has received accreditation from esteemed global accrediting bodies, further enhancing the credibility of its programs. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service UK has accredited International College of Teachers and Trainers, ensuring that educators and professionals associated with special education receive high-quality training to develop their skills and enhance their abilities.

In addition to CPD Certification, ICTT’s TEFL Certificate Course has been proudly accredited by the World Council (WCI). The WCI accreditation is a testament to the course’s comprehensive content, duration, and the expertise of its mentors. Students who earn certifications recognized by WCI will have their acquired knowledge acknowledged, providing them with a competitive advantage on a global platform.

Celebrating another milestone, ICTT is proud to be accredited by the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) of the United States of America. With a rich history of 140 years, AAHEA has established the highest standards of education in the US and globally. This accreditation significantly enhances the value of ICTT’s courses.

Furthermore, ICTT is a member of Montessori Europe, a globally reputed organization dedicated to upholding the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori and focusing on the individual development of children.

ICTT is also a proud member of The Quality Council of India (QCI), a non-profit autonomous society responsible for establishing an accreditation structure in the country and maintaining quality across various sectors. As a testament to its commitment to quality, ICTT has been found to adhere to the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2015, validating its provision of education and training services.

The renewal of accreditation with QAHE highlights ICTT’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards in the field of teacher training. This accreditation ensures that ICTT continues to provide exceptional educational opportunities to learners and contributes to the advancement of the education sector.

For more information about ICTT and its accredited teacher training programs, please visit the official Website.

About QAHE:

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is an independent accrediting body that focuses on evaluating and ensuring the quality and integrity of educational institutions and programs. QAHE aims to provide assurance to students, educators, and other stakeholders regarding the quality of education provided by accredited institutions and programs.

Global Interfaith University Renews Accreditation with QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that Global Interfaith University has successfully renewed its accreditation. Global Interfaith University, a globally recognized distance learning institution, has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of education in the pre-tertiary and higher education sectors.

As an accredited institution by QAHE, Global Interfaith University has met the rigorous standards set forth by the association. The renewal of accreditation underscores the university’s dedication to providing high-quality education and fostering religious literacy, religious tolerance, and constructive engagement among different faith traditions.

Global Interfaith University’s curriculum is designed to cultivate a community of learners who possess a deep understanding of various world religions and their influence on human culture and history. With a faculty comprising leading scholars and practitioners from diverse religious traditions, the university ensures a comprehensive and balanced education for its students.

In addition to its accreditation by QAHE, Global Interfaith University is actively engaged in international academic partnerships and collaborations through the Joint University Degree and Partnership Program (JUDAP). The university’s dedication to sustainability and quality education is further demonstrated by its membership in the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) and the American Association for Higher Education.

Global Interfaith University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as theology, religious studies, and interfaith dialogue. The university’s research initiatives focus on advancing interfaith understanding and exploring the intersections between religion and other areas of study, including politics, economics, and science.

The renewal of accreditation by QAHE affirms Global Interfaith University’s commitment to educational excellence and its ongoing efforts to promote religious literacy and interfaith dialogue on a global scale.

About QAHE:
The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is an internationally recognized accrediting agency dedicated to ensuring the quality of education in pre-tertiary and higher education institutions. QAHE promotes best practices, research, and mutual recognition of accreditation standards, contributing to the advancement of quality assurance in education.