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Nest International Daycare & Nursery Now Fully Accredited by QAHE

Nest International Daycare & Nursery is honored to announce that our school has been fully accredited by the Quality Assurance in Higher Education Council (QAHE). This significant achievement is a testament to our commitment to educational excellence and the wellbeing of every child we serve.

QAHE accreditation confirms that Nest International adheres to the most rigorous standards in early childhood care and education. This includes a robust academic curriculum, qualified personnel, modern facilities, and a safe and stimulating learning environment.

This remarkable accomplishment solidifies Nest International’s status as a market leader in providing high-quality educational services in Tanzania. We will continue to invest in our development to ensure that every child who passes through our doors receives the best possible preparation to reach their full potential.

Edgewood College of California Receives Full Accreditation from QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that Edgewood College of California (ECC) has been granted full accreditation status.

ECC, an institution exclusively for members of the International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP), has demonstrated its commitment to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence and student success. After a rigorous evaluation process, QAHE has recognized ECC’s exceptional faculty, innovative curricula, and dedication to providing transformative educational experiences.

ECC offers a range of advanced degree programs, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Master of Arts in Psychology. These programs are designed to empower IABP members to enhance their professional skills, deepen their subject matter expertise, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

With this full accreditation, IABP members can be assured of the quality and credibility of their education at Edgewood College of California. ECC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in higher education will continue to benefit IABP members and contribute to the development of future business leaders.

QAHE Announces Dual Accreditation Partnership with IARC, Kyrgyzstan

In an exciting development, QAHE (Quality Assurance in Higher Education) is proud to announce its dual accreditation partnership with the IARC Institute (Independent Institute of Accreditation, Rating and Certification) based in Kyrgyzstan.

The IARC Institute is the leading accreditation agency in the Kyrgyz Republic, providing institutional and program accreditation for higher and vocational education institutions. As an internationally recognized accreditation body, IARC’s seal of approval is a testament to an institution’s commitment to excellence.

Created in 2019, the Institute carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Non-Profit Organizations”, the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education”, the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Science and the Fundamentals of State Scientific and Technical Policy” and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

IARC/NIARS obtained a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic for educational programs in “Expert in the field of education,” “IT,” and “I&C” in 2021. The Institute has also fostered collaborations within the country, including a memorandum of cooperation and interaction with the Agency for Education Quality Control and Career Development in March 2022. Furthermore, an agreement was signed between NIARS and the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in August 2022, focusing on independent accreditation of educational programs and conducting training seminars in areas such as “Industrial Engineering” and “Electronics and Electrical Engineering.”

In a significant development, the NIARS Research Department team developed methodologies for the formation of the national rating of colleges of the Kyrgyz Republic, which were duly registered in the State Register of Copyright Objects and the State Register of Computer Programs of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2023. These methodologies will play a pivotal role in assessing and evaluating the quality of colleges in the Kyrgyz Republic. Moreover, on July 4, 2023, NIARS PF became a full member of the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). INQAAHE is a global association comprising over 300 organizations actively engaged in the theory and practice of quality assurance in higher education.

Through this partnership, QAHE-accredited institutions will now have the opportunity to pursue dual accreditation from both QAHE and IARC Institute. This dual accreditation brings about several key benefits:
1. Enhanced Global Recognition: The combination of QAHE and IARC accreditation demonstrates an institution’s commitment to the highest standards of education and showcases their global competitiveness.
2. Streamlined Accreditation Process: The dual accreditation arrangement allows for a more efficient and coordinated accreditation process, saving institutions time and resources.
3. Ongoing Validity: To maintain the IARC 5-year accreditation, the QAHE accreditation must remain in good standing, ensuring continuous quality assurance and monitoring.
4. Expanded Opportunities: The dual accreditation opens up new avenues for student and faculty exchanges, research collaborations, and international partnerships between the institution and IARC’s network of member organizations.

For institutions interested in the additional IARC accreditation, please contact the QAHE Accreditation Committee at or visit here. The fee for the IARC accreditation will depend on the structure, size, and existing accreditations of the applicant institutions.

QAHE encourages all its accredited institutions to explore this exciting opportunity and take their global recognition to new heights through the dual accreditation with the IARC Institute.


Prestigious Honor Awarded to Dr. Elena Petrov, Vice President of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC) in Moldova

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) has announced that Dr. Elena Petrov has been named an Honorary Fellow (Hon. FQAHE) of the association. This prestigious honor is awarded to distinguished individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the field of education quality assurance.

Dr. Petrov is currently the Vice President of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC) in Moldova. She has an impressive track record of leadership and service in advancing quality assurance practices, including:

  • Serving as a member of the Governing Board of ANACEC since 2018
  • Coordinating the external evaluation process for educational institutions in Moldova
  • Building capacity of ANACEC’s team and external evaluators
  • Promoting policies and methodologies for quality assurance in education, research, and innovation

As an Honorary Fellow, Dr. Petrov will serve as an ambassador for QAHE, lending her expertise to support the association’s mission and initiatives globally. She will also be invited to participate in high-level discussions and contribute to QAHE’s thought leadership.

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, and we are excited to have you join us in our efforts to promote excellence in pre-tertiary and higher education worldwide.

Swiss International School of Business and Management Receives QAHE Accreditation

The Swiss International School of Business and Management (SISBM) is proud to announce that it has been awarded accreditation by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE).

This prestigious accreditation recognizes SISBM’s commitment to providing its students with a world-class business education that meets the highest international standards. The QAHE’s rigorous accreditation process evaluates factors such as academic program quality, faculty qualifications, student outcomes, and institutional governance.

Founded in 2016, SISBM offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a range of business disciplines, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and international management. The school’s picturesque campus in Zurich, Switzerland provides students with access to internship and career opportunities at some of the world’s leading companies.

The QAHE accreditation is valid for five years, after which SISBM will undergo a renewal process to maintain its status. This achievement underscores SISBM’s commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that its programs remain at the forefront of business education.

For more information about SISBM and its QAHE accreditation, please visit

Scandinavian Academy Achieves ISO 9001 & 29990 Certifications with Support from QAHE

The Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development, a leading provider of professional development courses worldwide, has successfully attained both the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and the ISO 29990 Learning Services Management System certification. This achievement was reached with the expert guidance and support of the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE).

The ISO 9001 standard is the most widely recognized quality management system standard globally, ensuring organizations meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders. The ISO 29990 standard specifically focuses on the quality of non-formal education and training services, verifying the academy’s commitment to excellence in instructional design, course delivery, and learner outcomes.

QAHE, a renowned international non-profit organization, played a crucial role in guiding the Scandinavian Academy through the comprehensive assessment and documentation requirements of the ISO standards. Their team of quality assurance experts worked closely with the academy’s staff to ensure all processes and procedures met the stringent criteria.

The Scandinavian Academy’s ISO 9001 and ISO 29990 certifications are valid for three years, with regular surveillance audits to verify ongoing compliance. These accreditations further solidify the academy’s reputation as a premier provider of professional development training across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, engineering, IT, and management.

For more information about the Scandinavian Academy for Training and Development and their certified training programs, please visit

Online verification:
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Number 0909134
ISO 29990:2010 Certificate Number 0909135

* Institutions must maintain its accreditation status with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) for the 3-year validity period of their ISO certifications.

AAQR Recognizes QAHE, Announces Dual Accreditation Partnership

The Agency for Quality Accreditation and Ranking (AAQR) has issued a formal Recognition Letter to the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary Education (QAHE), announcing a new partnership and dual accreditation arrangement between the two organizations.

The Recognition Letter, signed by AAQR Director Professor Toksobaeva B., highlights the “tremendous contribution” QAHE has made “to the enhancement and assurance of the quality of education” globally. It states that this close partnership is a “guarantee of quality assurance in education and recognition of qualifications in the international educational space.”

By combining their “efforts, experience, and resources,” the letter states that AAQR and QAHE aim to “achieve great successes in ensuring quality assurance and using modern innovative technologies in accreditation.” The partnership will also expand the potential for “dual accreditation and recognition of the achievements of educational organizations and students in the international arena.”

The announcement of this new MOU-supported dual accreditation arrangement is expected to further strengthen international cooperation and the competitiveness of educational institutions worldwide that are recognized by both AAQR and QAHE accreditation.


QAHE Announces New Credential Evaluation Services with Document Evaluation

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE), a leading provider of accreditation and quality assurance services, is excited to announce the launch of its new Credential Evaluation with Document Evaluation services.

The Credential Evaluation with Document Evaluation is designed to help institutions, employers, and individuals assess the authenticity and equivalency of academic credentials from around the world. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Document Verification: Our expert evaluators will thoroughly examine academic documents to verify their authenticity, ensuring they are not fraudulent or altered.
  • Credential Evaluation: We will assess the level, content, and quality of the academic credentials to determine their equivalency to qualifications in the relevant education system.
  • Detailed Reporting: Clients will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the document verification and credential evaluation process, along with a recommendation on the recognition and comparability of the credential.

The launch of this new service further strengthens QAHE’s position as a leader in accreditation and quality assurance in pre-tertiary and higher education. Clients can learn more about the Credential Evaluation with Document Evaluation program and how to get started by visiting the QAHE website at

Statement Regarding Royal Open University’s Accreditation Status

It is with regret that we announce changes to Royal Open University’s (ROU) accreditation status with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE).

QAHE conducted a thorough review of ROU’s procedures and institutional accountability in 2021, at which time ROU was granted provisional approval and accredited by QAHE. However, our subsequent attempts to work with ROU have not resulted in a continued accreditation relationship.

Despite our requests, ROU has continued to display outdated and potentially misleading information about their QAHE accreditation status on their website at QAHE does not normally announce the expiration of accreditation publicly, but in this case, we feel it is necessary to clarify the situation.

We urge all prospective students and partners to verify an institution’s current accreditation status before engaging with them. QAHE remains committed to promoting quality assurance in higher education, but cannot endorse ROU’s programs or credentials at this time.

QAHE Earns Prestigious Institutional Membership with E-Learning Quality Network

International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Institutional Membership certificate by the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN). This distinction recognizes QAHE’s commitment to delivering high-quality online and distance education programs.

The ELQN is a leading global organization dedicated to promoting excellence and best practices in e-learning. Their rigorous evaluation process ensures that member institutions meet the highest standards in areas such as instructional design, learner support, assessment, and continuous improvement.

By earning this Institutional Membership, QAHE has demonstrated its ability to provide students with a transformative online learning experience that meets the ELQN’s stringent criteria. This certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and leadership team in upholding our commitment to academic excellence.

The ELQN Institutional Membership certificate can be viewed on the dedicated QAHE web page. This badge of distinction showcases QAHE’s commitment to continuous improvement and its dedication to providing students with a truly exceptional learning experience.

We encourage all prospective students, industry partners, and other stakeholders to explore the ELQN web page and learn more about QAHE’s commitment to excellence in online and distance education. Contact us today to discover how QAHE can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.