Tasawar Abdul Hamid

As the Managing Director of Blue Sky Oilfield Supply and Services (BSO), Tasawar Abdul Hamid leads and oversees the strategic vision and goals of the company. He focuses on driving innovation by leveraging AI technology within the business. Tasawar has a strong background in trading, specializing in serving the oil and gas, construction, and automotive industries for over 16 years.

Tasawar holds an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University and multiple certifications in ethical procurement, financial management, and field service from CIPS and Microsoft. He has also published several papers on organizational development, green branding, and firm performance, showcasing his deep expertise and insights. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu, Tasawar is able to communicate effectively with a diverse range of clients and partners.

Work Experience
Managing Director, Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO)
June 2023 - Present (United Kingdom)
• Develop and implement the company's strategic vision and goals
• Focus on innovation by using AI technology in the business
• Provide overall leadership and direction to ensure financial health and sustainability
• Streamline processes and improve operational efficiency
• Identify and pursue new business opportunities
• Foster strong relationships with clients and partners
• Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks
• Recruit, develop, and lead high-performing teams
• Monitor industry trends and market conditions to optimize the supply chain

Managing Director, Blue Sky Oilfield Supply & Services (BSO)
January 2010 - Present (Tripoli, Libya)
• Develop and execute the company's business strategies to achieve goals
• Provide strategic advice to the board and Chairperson
• Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans
• Plan cost-effective operations and market development activities
• Establish company policies and legal guidelines
• Build long-term, trusting relationships with shareholders, partners, and authorities
• Oversee the company's financial performance, investments, and other business ventures
• Supervise and guide executives to drive maximum team performance
Managing Director, Eiger Engineering & Oilfield Services
January 2022 - Present (Tripoli, Libya)
• Lead the company's strategic direction and oversee all operations
• Focus on innovation and growth to ensure the company's objectives align with market opportunities and client needs
• Leverage expertise in technology and business development to drive Eiger's mission of delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a dynamic organizational culture
Managing Director, T.A.H Trading Limited
December 2013 - Present (United Kingdom)
• Define and establish an overall strategic business plan, including short, medium, and long-term goals and objectives
• Align company processes and operational models to contract agreements, ensuring consistent and quality delivery on client expectations
• Create effective teams and enable an environment that allows people to employ their talents in achieving organizational objectives
• Partner with internal and external customers to deliver world-class service and ensure consistent achievement of corporate financial objectives
• Employ cutting-edge technology and innovativeness to deliver niche leadership in the oil and gas industry
Commercial Manager, Elmobtaker for Filters & Lubricants
February 2006 - Present
• Mastermind business growth strategies to help meet organizational goals and objectives
• Build and nurture client relationships to continue winning new contracts
• Attend networking events and build industry connections to facilitate business growth
• Ensure the organization complies with contractual obligations as well as state and federal regulations
• Work with other department heads to determine company goals and KPIs
• Conduct market research to inform strategic business decisions
• Oversee branding and marketing initiatives

Education and Certifications
• MBA, Cardiff Metropolitan University
• Certifications in Ethical Procurement, Financial Management, and Field Service from CIPS and Microsoft