Prof. Dr. Erdal Dursun

Prof. Dr. Erdal Dursun is a distinguished academic leader and the Founding Rector of the International Science and Technology University. With a strong commitment to quality assurance in higher education, Prof. Dr. Dursun has made significant contributions to the field and has been recognized for his outstanding achievements.

Prof. Dr. Dursun completed his undergraduate studies at Çankaya University, specializing in Electronics and Communication Engineering in English. He went on to earn a master's degree and a doctorate degree in his field, further expanding his expertise. Additionally, he pursued post-doctoral studies at the "Southern University Institute of Management Business and Law," enhancing his knowledge and skills.

Professional Experience:
Prof. Dr. Dursun's professional journey encompasses various key positions in prestigious institutions and organizations. He served as an Electronics Engineer and Technical Inspector at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Civil Aviation. During this time, he played a vital role in capacity building, sectoral cooperation, and global market access for higher education institutions.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Dursun served as the Founding President of the Turkish Aviation Safety Association, contributing significantly to advancing safety standards within the aviation industry. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in promoting excellence and ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Academic Contributions:
As an accomplished researcher and author, Prof. Dr. Dursun has made notable contributions to his field. He has authored two books, six book chapters, twelve scientific articles (nine international and three national), and six academic papers. His research and scholarly work have garnered recognition and earned him the title of professor in 2023.

Leadership and Commitment:
Prof. Dr. Dursun's commitment to the promotion of higher education and international cooperation is evident in his roles as Secretary General of Istanbul Rumeli University and Istanbul Esenyurt University. He has actively contributed to their growth and development, fostering visibility and recognition of Turkish higher education.

At the International Science and Technology University, Prof. Dr. Dursun has been at the forefront of supporting the "Disabled and Disadvantaged Groups" policies of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. His dedication to inclusivity aligns with the core values of the QAHE, emphasizing the importance of equal access to quality education.

Recognition and Awards:
In recognition of his exceptional contributions to education and commitment to quality assurance, Prof. Dr. Dursun has been honored with the prestigious Distinguished Professorship Award by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE). This esteemed recognition acknowledges his expertise, leadership, and dedication to advancing higher education.

As a distinguished member of the QAHE community, Prof. Dr. Dursun continues to make significant contributions to the field of education, inspiring students and fellow educators alike.