Konstantinos Athanasopoulos

Konstantinos Athanasopoulos is a highly accomplished professional in the field of culinary arts and education. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has made significant contributions to the culinary industry and has been recognized as a QAHE Certified Educational Manager.

• Ph.D. in Hotel Management & Catering
• Certificate in NLP Trainer Coach Practitioner
• Executive Mini MBA

Professional Experience:
• Associate Professor at Selinus University of Sciences and Literature, Ragusa, Italy
• Culinary Chef Instructor at Iek Dimitra, Volos, Greece
• Culinary Chef Instructor at the Tourist School of Anavyssos, Athens, Greece
• Executive Chef and Culinary Consultant at various renowned establishments worldwide, including Mykonos Island, Greece, Spain, Austria, Lesvos Island, Greece, and River Cruises Ships

Areas of Expertise:
• Food Service Management
• Culinary Design
• Food Costing
• Hospitality Management
• Food and Beverage Management
• Menu Creation and Development
• Quality Control
• Event Management
• Recipe Development
• Employee Supervision

Achievements and Contributions:
• Development of theoretical and practical techniques in the gastronomic arts
• Mentoring and educating students in the culinary field
• Maximizing revenue potential and reducing operating expenses in restaurants
• Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations
• Leadership and team building
• Inventory and cost control
• Vendor relations
• Catering and event planning
• Budget administration
• Sanitation and food safety
• Customer service excellence

Konstantinos Athanasopoulos's passion for culinary arts and his commitment to excellence in education have earned him recognition and accolades throughout his career. As a QAHE Certified Educational Manager, he continues to inspire and shape the next generation of culinary professionals by imparting his knowledge, expertise, and innovative approach to the field.