Dr. Onyeka Jaivbo-Ojigbo

Dr. Onyeka Jaivbo-Ojigbo is a highly accomplished and esteemed educator, scholar, and visionary leader in the field of education. With a wealth of experience and expertise in strategic school and education management, she has made significant contributions to the advancement of education and has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape.

Education and Academic Background:
• Doctorate Degree in Strategic School and Education Management
• Master of Business Administration
• Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
• Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Administration

Professional Achievements and Publications:
Dr. Jaivbo-Ojigbo has an extensive portfolio of publications that demonstrate her commitment to research and academic excellence. Some notable works include:
• "Communication and Persuasion Skills" – A project on effective office administration.
• "Strategic School and Educational Management" – A comprehensive study on school and educational management.
• "Strategic Management as a Determinant of Private Schools Success" – An insightful analysis of private schools in Eti Osa, Lagos State.
• "Corruption and National Development" – Joint publication with the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan, examining the impact of corruption on education.
• "Strategic School Planning and Establishment" – A series published for Nigeria Education Show organizers, Maribet Consult Ltd.
• "African Curriculum: Addressing Innovation" – A publication focused on the future of education in Africa.
• "Strategic School Management: Growing Your School" – A published book offering valuable insights into effective school management.
• "Issues of Life" – A collection of poetic reflections on life.
• "The Joy of the Lord" – A poetic collection celebrating the joys of life.
• Numerous publications and lecture notes at different academic levels for promoting academic excellence.
• "Edu Innovation and Sustainability" – An ongoing project as an Educational Support Organization (ESO) affiliated with IAWPA (United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status and Signatory to UN School Commitment to SDG).

Professional Memberships and Awards:
Dr. Onyeka Jaivbo-Ojigbo's outstanding contributions have earned her recognition and prestigious awards, including:
• Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Management (ISM)
• Fellow of the Institute of Educational Management, USA (CIEMA)
• Fellow of the Institute of Information and Data Management Africa (IIMA)
• Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (ICMC)
• Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Education
• Fellow of the Association of Educational Managers and Leaders
• Founder of the Educational Management Network (IEDUMAN) – Advocacy for inclusion of vocational skills and value in education
• Master Franchise of Abacus D Maths Academy Nigeria

Current Position:
Dr. Onyeka Jaivbo-Ojigbo currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nemvas Group of Schools. In this role, she provides strategic direction, oversees critical aspects of the organization, leads curriculum development and implementation, and engages in long-range planning with industry leaders, partners, and employees. Dr. Jaivbo-Ojigbo also organizes seminars, conferences, and lectures on relevant fields such as educational management and school recruitment. She acts as a liaison between organizations and community/government partners and develops staff training and professional development programs.

Dr. Onyeka Jaivbo-Ojigbo's accomplishments, expertise, and dedication to education make her a distinguished scholar and a valued member of the academic community. Her visionary leadership and commitment to excellence continue to inspire and shape the future of education.