Dr. Chua Kee Peng

Education is a lifelong pursuit, and Dr. Chua Kee Peng embodies this philosophy with an extensive array of qualifications spanning diverse disciplines. His academic journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.
At the pinnacle of his educational achievements, Dr. Chua holds two Doctor of Business Administration degrees. The first was conferred by the Fakulta veřejnosprávních a ekonomických studií v Uherském Hradišti in České republiky, in collaboration with Vysoké školy Jagiellońské v Toruni in Polsko (Faculty of Public Administration and Economic Studies in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic), Jagiellonian University in Toruń (Poland)). The second Doctor of Business Administration degree was earned from Pebble Hills University, cementing his expertise in the field.

Mastering the intricacies of business management, Dr. Chua acquired a Master of Business Administration from Universidad Isabel I (University Isabel I). Further broadening his knowledge, he attained a Master of Management and Team Management from the same institution. Additionally, he holds a Master of Business Administration and Management from Universidad de CLEA (CLEA University), and a Master of Science in Business Studies from the School of Business and Trade. Dr. Chua's pursuit of excellence led him to complete a Master of Business Administration from the Academy Europe Open University, solidifying his expertise in strategic decision-making and organizational leadership.

Equipped with a strong foundation in business administration, Dr. Chua earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in International Business Management from European International University. This comprehensive program provided him with a well-rounded understanding of global business practices.

Dr. Chua's dedication to continuous learning is exemplified by his pursuit of additional qualifications. He completed a Mini-MBA from the International Business Management Institute, further enhancing his business acumen. Additionally, he obtained various diplomas from Inspire London College, including Level 7, Level 6, Level 5, Level 4, and Level 3 Diplomas in Business Management, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership and Management. These diplomas signify his expertise in these crucial areas of business.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication and language proficiency, Dr. Chua completed a Level 7 Advanced Diploma in 120 Hrs TEFL (TESOL) from One Education. Furthermore, he expanded his knowledge in psychology through a Level 6 Advanced Diploma from Lead Academy. These qualifications enable him to understand the intricate dynamics of human behavior and apply psychological principles in various contexts.

Dr. Chua's educational journey also includes several diplomas and certificates. He obtained a Level 5 Diploma in Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Budget from Inspire London College, solidifying his financial expertise. Additionally, he completed diplomas in various fields such as Operations Management, Business Administration, Nutrition and Health, Marketing, and more, from CourseGate. These diplomas showcase his versatility and ability to thrive in diverse areas of expertise.

With an unwavering commitment to personal development, Dr. Chua pursued certificates in English language teaching, including a 120-Hrs TEFL/TESOL from Lead Academy, a 120 Hrs TEFL from International Open Academy, a 120-Hrs TESOL/TEFL from World TESOL Academy, and a Foundation Certificate in TEFL from London Teacher Training College. These certificates reflect his dedication to empowering others through effective language instruction.

Further diversifying his knowledge, Dr. Chua obtained a Certificate in Estate Agent and Property Management Training from Janets, expanding his understanding of the real estate industry. He also holds a Diploma in Professional Accounting from the Professional Career Development Institute and a Diploma in Production Technology from the German-Singapore Institute.

Dr. Chua's educational journey began with a solid foundation in secondary education. He successfully completed the STPM at Dato’ Bentara Luar High School, followed by the SPM at Munshi Sulaiman Secondary School. His primary education was nurtured at Chen Siu Primary School, where his thirst for knowledge was ignited.

Dr. Chua Kee Peng's educational accomplishments reflect his insatiable curiosity and determination to excel in various domains. His commitment to continuous learning, coupled with his diverse range of qualifications, positions him as a versatile and knowledgeable professional. Driven by a passion for personal growth, Dr. Chua continues to embody the spirit of lifelong learning, consistently seeking new opportunities to expand his horizons and make a meaningful impact in his chosen fields.