Distinguished Scholar in Managerial Accounting

Burhan Rexhepi is a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished career in managerial accounting. As a QAHE Distinguished Scholar in Managerial Accounting, he stands out as an exceptional academic and expert in the field. With a Master's degree in Economics specializing in Accounting and Finance from the State University of Tetovo, as well as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Apollos University, Burhan has acquired a solid educational foundation.

His expertise is further bolstered by a range of certifications, including Accounting Technician, Certified Accountant, Certified Auditor, Certified IT Auditor, Certified Risk Manager, Tax Advisor, and Specializing in the Field of Auditor from prestigious institutions such as the KAF Institute and the European Agency for Higher Education & Accreditation EAHEA. Additionally, he holds a Diploma in IFRS from Lexicon School of Business and Finance.

Burhan's career has been marked by significant achievements and contributions to the academic community. He has published influential research papers in renowned journals like the Review of Economics and Finance and Quality - Access to Success. His research focuses on topics such as economic development, employment growth policies, manufacturing firm success factors, and the impact of remittances on economic development and poverty reduction.

In his role as a Lecturer at UBT College, Burhan Rexhepi shares his wealth of knowledge and insights with students, inspiring them to excel in the field of managerial accounting. His exceptional communication skills, combined with his strong leadership abilities, have established him as a respected figure in the educational sector.

Burhan's dedication to professional development is evident through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills enhancement. He has participated in various training programs and workshops, keeping abreast of the latest advancements in the field. His certifications and qualifications exemplify his commitment to staying at the forefront of managerial accounting practices.

With a profound understanding of managerial accounting principles, rigorous research capabilities, and excellent communication and presentation skills, Burhan Rexhepi has made significant contributions to advancing the understanding and practice of managerial accounting. As a QAHE Distinguished Scholar, he continues to inspire and shape the future of the discipline, promoting excellence in education and research.