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Schools in the Czech Republic have been educating prominent and globally recognized personalities for decades. These personalities have a number of important inventions to their credit that have changed the world: contact lenses, Liberec nanofibres, Semtex, Tamara stealth aircraft detection system and more). The education system in the Czech Republic is strictly supervised and controlled by the Czech government and ministries, which is why graduates of Czech universities achieve global success and their names resonate around the world just like Czech universities.

Compared to the quality of education in other countries, the Czech Republic's education system is considered top-notch and is recognised worldwide. The Czech education system has a highly developed education system, which includes compulsory schooling, apprenticeships and secondary education, as well as a large number of recognised colleges and universities. Czech students are successful in international comparisons in mathematics, science and computer science. As a result, the Czech Republic ranks high in educational quality rankings.

Czech Republic: a pioneer in science, technology and business

The Czech Republic boasts a rich history in science, technology and business. It has nurtured many personalities and fostered many innovations that have influenced the world. Here are some notable examples:

Technology and innovation:

1. František Křižík: Electrification and the invention of the direct beam reflector
2. Eye contact lenses: a major breakthrough in soft lenses was achieved by the Czech chemist Otto Wichterl
3. Untraceable aircraft detector: a device capable of detecting stealth aircraft using infrared radiation
4. Jaroslav Heyrovský: Polarography
5. Prokop Diviš: The first known ground-based lightning rod
6. Jan Janský: Classification of blood groups


Karel Čapek: The founder of Czech science fiction (inventor of the word robot), whose works have been translated into many world languages.


1. Tomáš Bat'a: Founder of the Bat'a department store
2. Jan Koum: Co-founder of WhatsApp, sold to Facebook for $19 billion
3. Petr Nečas: Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. After politics, he did not return to the private sector as a director of McKinsey & Company
4. Jan Kašpar: Czech aeronautical engineer and aviation pioneer. Jan Kašpar made his first flight in 1910 and died in 1927.

Other notable inventions:

1. Semtex: Globally recognized explosive (as C4) developed in Czechoslovakia.

The above personalities are just a sample of the wide range of important experts and inventions that have come from the Czech Republic. Many of the graduates of Czech schools have become prominent figures in science, art, literature, politics and many other fields. Their work has had a major impact on the development and evolution of Czech and world society.

Czech universities are now considered to be among the best in Europe and have produced many distinguished experts, inventors and successful entrepreneurs who are known throughout the world. Anyone who wants to become one of them should consider studying at a Czech university.

Czech universities provide quality education and are focused on expertise and practical knowledge. This is important for graduates to become true professionals in their field and have the necessary skills to get a prestigious job or develop their own business. In addition, Czech universities focus on research and innovation, giving students the opportunity to participate in research projects and gain valuable experience.

Studying at a Czech university opens the door to success in business. Many entrepreneurs have started their path to success at a Czech university, where they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to run their own business. In addition, Czech universities often organise entrepreneurship competitions and workshops to help develop entrepreneurial skills and abilities.
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