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Strengthening Global Education Quality through Collaboration: ANACEC and QAHE Sign Collaboration Agreement

Global Education Quality


On 08.08.2023, a significant milestone was achieved in the realm of quality assurance in education and research as the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education & Research, Moldova (ANACEC), and the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) signed a collaboration agreement. This agreement marks a pivotal moment in promoting and ensuring the highest standards of quality in higher education institutions worldwide. The collaboration agreement encompasses various key areas of cooperation, emphasizing mutual recognition, promotion, joint campaigns, and exploration of strategic partnerships.

1) Mutual Recognition of Accreditation Standards:

ANACEC and QAHE have committed to recognizing each other's accreditation standards, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in a separate agreement. This mutual recognition aims to enhance the quality and credibility of higher education institutions globally. By acknowledging and respecting the accreditation standards set by both parties, educational institutions can strive for excellence and continuous improvement, benefiting students, faculty, and the entire education ecosystem.

2) Promotion of Services and Cross-Promotion:

Both ANACEC and QAHE will actively promote each other's services to their respective members and audiences, within the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations. Through collaborative marketing initiatives and the development of joint promotional materials, cross-promotion will be facilitated. This strategic cooperation will amplify the reach of both organizations, fostering greater awareness and understanding of their respective missions and services.

3) Collaboration in Campaigns for Common Objectives:

ANACEC and QAHE will join forces in campaigns that promote a common message, identifying together the themes, objectives, and strategies of these campaigns. This collaborative approach will harness the collective strengths and expertise of both organizations, maximizing their impact in advocating for quality assurance in education and research. By aligning their efforts, ANACEC and QAHE will work towards shared goals and contribute to the advancement of global educational standards.

4) Exploration of Strategic Partnerships:

ANACEC and QAHE recognize the potential for strategic partnerships that can generate added value for both parties. Engaging in discussions and negotiations, they will identify potential areas of collaboration and develop mutually beneficial initiatives. These strategic partnerships may encompass research collaborations, joint projects, knowledge-sharing platforms, and other endeavors that promote innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement in the field of education.

Acknowledging Mr. Andrei CHICIUC's Leadership:

ANACEC's President, Mr. Andrei CHICIUC, has been instrumental in promoting and ensuring the highest standards of quality in education and research within the Republic of Moldova. His exceptional leadership and expertise have had a profound impact on the educational landscape, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Mr. CHICIUC will bring valuable insights and contributions to QAHE's initiatives. The collaboration between ANACEC and QAHE holds great promise in advancing quality assurance practices and furthering global educational standards.


The collaboration agreement between ANACEC and QAHE signifies a momentous step towards strengthening global education quality. Through mutual recognition, promotion, joint campaigns, and the exploration of strategic partnerships, both organizations are poised to make a significant impact in the field of quality assurance in education and research. This collaboration will contribute to the continuous enhancement of educational standards, benefiting students, institutions, and the global education community as a whole. Together, ANACEC and QAHE are paving the way for a brighter future in education.