Accreditation Renewal and Failure to Renew

Mar 16, 2023

Institutions currently accredited by QAHE will begin the accreditation renewal process approximately one to two weeks prior to their renewal date and QAHE will send email reminders to make sure the renewal of accreditation process will be done accordingly. Institutions who fail to renew pursuant to our reminders will be removed from our list without further notice. It is highly inappropriate to display our logo in any materials/website of your institutions if your accreditation has been expired and therefore QAHE has to announce the expiration of the accreditation at our website in order to deter such misconduct. If you are interested in renewing your accreditation, please contact us at and if candidates who are interested in checking whether the institution they are interested is whether accredited by QAHE or not, please visit or verify at Since QAHE has been working very hard to reach reciprocal recognition from national/international accrediting agencies, we have to uphold our professionalism and competency is monitoring institutions’ integrity. We look forward to your input in expanding this network for mutual benefits.