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    Upon receipt of the application, our standard practice is to respond within 48-72 hours. In the event that you do not receive a reply within this timeframe, we kindly ask you to check your spam mail folder to ensure that you do not miss any important correspondence from us. If you have any enquiry, you may send your email to
    We emphasize that the awarding of the Candidacy Accreditation / Full Accreditation is contingent upon the fulfillment of financial commitment. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the revocation of the awarding or the termination of the Candidacy Accreditation / Full Accreditation process. The awarding will be accompanied by the issuance of a formal receipt demonstrating the payment of the required fees. It is essential to understand that, until the formal awarding process is completed, and the Candidacy Accreditation / Full Accreditation is officially granted, your organization is strictly prohibited from claiming or implying that you have been awarded the Candidacy Accreditation / Full Accreditation based solely on the confirmation of eligibility.

    Why and How to get accredited with QAHE

      I am delighted to extend an invitation to your school, college, university, academic institution, training company or eLearning solution providers to apply for institutional accreditation with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE). As an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000:2018, ISO 17011:2017, ISO/IEC 17040:2005 and ISO 27001:2013 certified independent and non-governmental accrediting agency, QAHE is nationally and internationally (ranging from Asia, Europe to Africa) recognized by the quality assurance agencies and national bodies:

      • National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research, (ANACEC) the Republic of Moldova
      • Directorate for Research, Planning, and Funding Accreditation, North Macedonia
      • Technology and Human Association (TEKINDER), Turkey
      • Council on International Higher Education Supervision (CONIES) Austria
      • Public Foundation Independent Accreditation Agency "BILIM-STANDARD"
      • Agency for the Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations (AAEPO) of Kyrgyz Republic
      • The Information Systems Security Association, Egypt Chapter (ISSA Egypt)
      • Independent Accreditation Agency “Elbaasy”, Kyrgyz Republic
      • Higher Education Council of Syria
      • Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (EdNet) of Kyrgyz Republic
      • National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria

      and many other organizations worldwide. With over 150 institutions already accredited at an affordable fee, QAHE is committed to driving the global standard of higher education. By partnering with more than 35 strategic allies worldwide, we offer a unique opportunity to not only enhance your institution's credibility and reputation but also to gain access to a global network of like-minded institutions.

      Benefits of Accreditation:

      • Once you are accredited with QAHE, you will receive a QAHE Accredited Logo (JPG/PNG) which can be used on your website, official documents, and other various marketing collaterals.
      • The accreditation certificate and report in digital format (PDF) will be proof of achieving QAHE accreditation, and you are eligible for obtaining relevant ISO certifications at low costs.
      • Promotion opportunity at our website at
      • With our strong network of recognitions, your institution will be greatly benefited from the worldwide network of organizations/professional bodies.
      • Online Listing and Verification is available at QAHE Website for all the accredited institutions.
      • Marketing your services to our accredited institutions and awardees that are mainly senior educational professionals and managers.
      • Discounted fee for acquiring AQS-QAHE Co-branded ISO certifications.

      Discount and Collaboration:

      By being accredited with QAHE:

      • Your graduate can apply for our Certified Awards at 20% discount.
      • Your staff can apply for our Honorary titles with 20% discount.
      • Discounted fee (US$350 – original fee is US$850) for acquiring AQS-QAHE Co-branded ISO 9001:2015 or other certifications.
      • Head of the Accredited Institutions can be awarded with our Honorary Fellowship at US$550 (instead of US$1,100):
      • We offer free promotion/marketing for our accredited institutions so that they can promote their events and news at our website as well for online exposure and SEO purpose.

      Procedure and Fee

      1. Apply online at
      2. We only issue invoices to eligible institutions, and we do not charge for reviewing applications.
      3. If you do not have a comprehensive website, please send us your leaflet or brochure for preliminary review.
      4. Please fill in the application form in detail and feel free to ask if you have any questions concerning the application.
      5. If you are eligible, you will need to pay the annual accreditation fee for 2023-2024: US$660 + 5% charges/year and normally 5-10 % increase each year*.
      6. "QAHE Accredited" Logo, Accreditation Certificate, and Report in digital format (Verifiable via QR Code) will be sent via email upon confirmation of payment. If you are interested in proceeding, please fill in the attached form and send us your English syllabus by returning this email for acquiring our Accreditation.
      7. It takes around 7-14 days to process if no delay for the payment and document submission.

      For more information, please feel free to contact us at for guidance. Please bear in mind that each accreditation certificate is only for one institution in a single location.

      *We only accept online Credit Card payment through secure payment gateways

      For more information:

    Do you need to pay for applying for QAHE Accreditation?

    You will only be asked to pay if you are eligible.


    I have the pleasure of being associated with QAHE and was continually impressed with their services being provided and ability to deliver very useful and actionable results.

    Quality Assurance Agency for Education
    Prof. Dr. M. Amr Sadik
    Adjunct Professor & Lecturer HR Management & Strategy, IPE Management School-Paris

    Welcome to QAHE Accreditation: Ensuring Excellence in Education and Training

    At QAHE, we are dedicated to promoting and upholding the highest standards of quality in education and training. We invite institutions like yours to apply for accreditation with the QAHE and become part of a distinguished network of recognized training providers.

    Why Choose QAHE Accreditation?

    Quality Assurance Agency for Education: As a widely respected authority in quality assurance, QAHE is committed to evaluating and endorsing institutions that demonstrate exceptional standards of education and training.

    Credibility and Recognition: QAHE accreditation signifies your institution's commitment to excellence, enhancing its reputation and credibility among students, employers, and stakeholders.

    Competitive Advantage: Accredited institutions gain a competitive edge by distinguishing themselves as providers of high-quality education and training, thereby attracting more students and opportunities.

    Continuous Improvement: Through the accreditation process, your institution will engage in a comprehensive evaluation that promotes ongoing improvement and quality enhancement.

    Benefits of QAHE Accreditation:

    Marketability: Accreditation by QAHE enhances your institution's marketability, attracting prospective students who value quality and ensuring a positive reputation within the education and training sector.

    Access to Resources: Accredited institutions gain access to a wealth of resources, including best practices, research, and professional development opportunities, empowering your faculty and staff to deliver exceptional education and training programs.

    Networking and Collaboration: Join a community of accredited institutions, fostering collaboration, sharing of expertise, and networking opportunities to further enhance your institution's educational offerings.

    Take the Next Step:

    If you are committed to delivering excellence in education and training, we encourage you to apply for QAHE accreditation. By becoming an accredited institution, you will gain the recognition and validation that comes with meeting QAHE's rigorous standards.

    Contact us today to begin the accreditation process and embark on a journey toward ensuring excellence in education and training.