Accreditation Committee Director and Senior Officer Successfully Complete ISO 21001:2018 Awareness Training

Oct 28, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Perkins, Director of the Accreditation Committee has successfully completed the Awareness Training course for ISO 21001:2018, the Educational Organizations Management System. This comprehensive training program encompassed classroom sessions and continuous evaluation, ensuring that both candidates fulfilled the rigorous training requirements.

ISO 21001:2018 establishes the benchmark for effective management systems in educational organizations, emphasizing the delivery of quality education and meeting learner needs. Through their successful completion of this training, Ms. Perkins has augmented their expertise in educational management systems, positioning our organization as a leader in quality assurance within the education sector.

Ms. Perkins, based in Delaware, United States of America, demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment throughout the training. We are proud to award her with Certificate Issue Number AT0041112. For verification and further information, please visit our website at

The achievement of completing ISO 21001:2018 Awareness Training by Ms. Perkins is recognized and accepted by QAHE and awarded by AQS Certifications. This acknowledgment further highlights the value and significance of their accomplishment in the field of educational quality assurance.

As a prominent accreditation body, we remain committed to fostering excellence in education and ensuring that educational institutions adhere to globally recognized standards. The successful completion of ISO 21001:2018 Awareness Training by our esteemed team members reaffirms our dedication to remaining at the forefront of educational quality assurance.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Perkins on her outstanding accomplishments and their continued contributions to advancing quality in the education sector.