Call for QAHE Presidential Awards’ Nominations

Jun 28, 2023

This prestigious award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional and innovative leadership in support of education and training. The Presidential Award recognizes outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to education, training, research, and other sectors. This award is a testament to the recipient's dedication to improving the quality of education and training, and their unwavering commitment to excellence. At QAHE, we believe that education and training are the cornerstone of progress and development, and that exceptional leadership is essential for creating a brighter future. That's why we are proud to honor those who have made significant contributions to this important mission with the Presidential Award. The award is presented to a person from education, training, research or other sectors who demonstrate exceptional and innovative leadership to or in support of education and training. The recipient must demonstrate a clear vision of what should be and a well-thought-out strategy to achieve that vision. The effectiveness of their leadership is demonstrated by the results they achieve and by influencing outcomes by gaining the willing cooperation of colleagues/contemporaries in pursuing commonly held goals and objectives. The Presidential Award is a rare honor, bestowed only upon the most deserving and accomplished individuals. By receiving this award, the recipient joins an elite group of leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields. If you know someone who embodies the qualities of exceptional leadership in support of education and training, we encourage you to nominate them for the Presidential Award of QAHE. Join us in recognizing and celebrating excellence in education and training and help us build a brighter future for generations to come. Please note that there is no charge for reviewing nominations for the Presidential Award of QAHE. However, should the nominee be selected and wish to receive the digital Presidential Award, along with their personal profile listed on our website and the ability to use our Presidential Award logo, there is a nominal fee associated with this service. This fee is used to support the ongoing operations of the association and to ensure that we can continue to recognize and honor exceptional leaders in education and training. We appreciate your support in helping us achieve our mission to promote excellence and innovation in education and training around the world. If you have any questions about the fee or the nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact us. In order to submit a nomination or self-nomination, please send us the CV of the nominee directly at for preliminary review.